Andrew Weinberger: PropertyClub Founder & CEO


My Native Admission Statement: I’m the founder and CEO of PropertyClub, a real estate startup that’s focused on shaking up the real estate industry by creating a transparent marketplace for real estate listings and rewarding buyers and renters with cash and crypto rebates and rewards. I’m an out of the box thinker and very good problem solver. It doesn’t matter what the problem is or if I have the knowledge to solve it directly as I’ll always be able to find a solution. For example we’ll get close to deadlines for new product launches and might encounter delays in design or development and even though I have no formal training in either field I always find a simple solution.

Any emerging industry trends?

There’s a lot of pressure for change in the industry as the existing models are outdated and don’t serve consumers well. Nobody’s really happy with the overall experience from how you search for real estate to how cumbersome it is to complete a transaction to the high fees involved and there are a lot of companies in the space trying to disrupt different facets of the business. The most exciting to me are companies that are improving the end user experience when it comes to searching for homes as well as those that are lowering costs to consumers either via rewards, commission rebates or flat fee listing services. This means that there are a lot of opportunities out there, but the main challenge is creating a platform with enough marketplace liquidity. It’s easy to build the tech to solve the problem, but for it to be valuable and effective you need enough supply and demand, and the real challenge is in acquiring both. This is really where every real estate startup fails. They might build an excellent product from a technical perspective, but without solving the chicken or egg problem there’s essentially no value in their solution.

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