Fatima Zaidi: Founder & CEO, Quill & Former VP, Eighty-Eight Agency


My Native Admission Statement: I’m inspired by making money! I know that may sound shocking and shallow to some, but at the end of the day, I’m a sales person. If that isn’t your answer as a sales professional, then I recommend finding a new calling! To clarify, I’m not only motivated by making money for myself, but also in a large part by contributing to a company’s bottom line. That’s another reason why I love working at startups, because you can see the fruits of your labor almost immediately. You can only connect the dots looking backwards and my career trajectory has been pretty unusual and non-linear. - https://www.quillit.io/

My Thought of the Day:

Among other obstacles, I’ve noticed that women in business are paid less, less frequently hired, and definitely don’t promote themselves to the level that they should. On a practical level, I’ve found that we can end up being our own enemy when it comes to self promoting and self branding. While I acknowledge that the system itself is flawed, I think we can counteract this to some extent by putting ourselves out there and asking for what we deserve, learning to promote themselves and not worrying about coming off too strong or hurting other people’s feeling. Many women put an incredible amount of effort into branding for their clients, while forgetting to also take control of their own personal branding and career. At the end of the day, we are each CEOs of our own brand.

Favorite Places/Destinations?:

Mongolia specifically the Gobi desert, my country Oman, and South Africa

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