Hugh Acheson: Chef & Food Writer

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My Native Admission Statement: I am a chef and business person who cobbled together a career by making good food. Now I still do all of that but I also create restaurants for companies, produce two podcasts, write a lot of books, and opine about the world in my own self-deprecating way. I make things well. I triage scenarios and figure out the immediate path to make things better. My aspirations are to be a productive employer, to master technique, to learn something every day, and to constantly guide others and my biggest success is employing 300 people while not going broke.

Any emerging industry trends?

I think the idea of hospitality has morphed into an embrace of making people feel comfortable and no longer hinges on being lavish. We can, and should, be offering hospitality at all levels of dining, from a coffee shop to the finest Michelin experience. The challenges are economic these days. In an industry prone to failure we have had to lessen the cost involved across the board. Labor and occupancy costs are not really viable or possible to shave, hence the $14 carrot salad at all fine dining places.

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