Joan Hornig: Designer, Philanthropy is Beautiful®

My Native Admission Statement: In my 20’s, I worked in alumni and corporate fundraising at Harvard College and Columbia Business School. Through these positions I gained invaluable experience in counseling, advising and an introduction to business leaders and corporate structure. My 30’s and 40’s brought my first exposure to the boy’s club of Wall Street. I learned to hold my own in a room full of men and honed my skills with a wide range of responsibilities from management of cost centers to management of assets. By my 50’s and early 60’s I started flexing my entrepreneurial muscles by founding Philanthropy is Beautiful® Jewelry which has a social impact model of connecting consumerism with activism and tying it to philanthropy. I created an innovative business model where 100% of my profit on each purchase is donated to the charitable organization of the purchaser’s choice. I have since used my platform to increase equal opportunities for all. I currently focus on leveling the playing field for women and marginalized populations through an affiliation with The Female Quotient working on retail, impact, opportunity and messaging through my jewelry designs.

My Motto?

We are more similar than different – We all want to be safe, happy, loved and loving.

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