Kevin He: DeepMotion Founder & CEO

Kevin He Highlights

Kevin He Highlights

My Native Admission Statement: I am the Founder and CEO of DeepMotion, a startup based out of San Mateo, California. DeepMotion is a pioneer in the emerging field of Motion Intelligence. We are building tools for lifelike graphics using physical simulation and artificial intelligence. Our mission is to enable interactive content and expand creative capability by revolutionizing real-time, procedural simulation. Our products include a suite of 3D Motion Intelligence solutions for interactive AR and VR Avatars, autonomous interactive characters, computer-vision driven motion detection and reconstruction, and a 2D Animation Software, Creature. Also important to know is that my personal hero is my wife, who is the strongest supporter of my career and passion for virtual worlds, games, VR and motion AI—without her I would have given up many times. She encouraged me to embrace my passion as my job. That’s advice I would share with anyone aspiring to enter the space, without hesitation.

Inspiration for the business idea, and your vision for the Business?:

About 15 years ago I went on the “Back to the Future” ride with my family at Universal Studios Hollywood. The ride takes place in a motorized vehicle with an IMAX movie projected onto a dome screen. I was amazed by the total sense of immersion and immediately struck by the potential that feeling had for the world of entertainment. That was my first Extended Reality experience. It was much later, in 2016, when the company bought our first VR headset (the Oculus Developer Kit 2) and ported one of our demos into VR. The demo was of a physically simulated dog that you could interact with in real-time. We added some hand-tracking with LeapMotion and, for the first time, we could reach out our own hands and actually play with the virtual pet. I remember thinking, “wow, that feels real!” For a lot of people, this demo generated a phantom sensation of touching fur when playing with the dog. I had the realization then that if we can reach out and feel the presence of a pet in simulation, we could connect with other human beings this way as well. That inspired the team to expand our simulation technology to interactive human avatars.

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