Lauren M. Scott: The Produce Marketing Association Chief Marketing Officer

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My Native Admission Statement: I am Lauren M Scott and I like to say the ‘M’ stands for mom, marketer, manager and muser. I am passionate about ideas and inspiring people to help them grow professionally and personally. There is magic in the moment when you can see a connection happen - the “a-ha” lightbulb go on, the wheels start to turn, and the tumblers fall into place. I get to see that often in my work now at PMA, where connecting people, ideas and insights is a core part of our mission and vision to grow a healthier world. I love what i do: I have the opportunity to spend time with our members - growers, floral breeders, grocers, restauranteurs, truckers, business service providers – you name it. It is incredible to see their passion and to hear the personal stories that drive them to dedicate their lives to feed and delight us. They are committed to helping grow a healthier world, just like PMA is, and it’s my belief that we’re just getting started.

My Most Challenging Moment?

When a manager made me believe I hit the ceiling in my career. I almost accepted my lot in life (ala C-3PO wandering the desert in Star Wars), then after 15 minutes I picked my head up, blocked that nonsense from my mind, and kept going. Those in leadership need to be very aware how their words can land on their teams, and that moment has always been top of mind when challenges pop up.

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