Lisa Feria: Stray Dog Capital CEO

My Native Admission Statement: Stray Dog Capital is a mission-driven Venture Capital firm that drives alternatives to the use of animals in the supply chain through investments, expertise and support: Investing for a better future for all animals. Stray Dog Capital wants a world in which all animals live in peaceful co-existence. My aspirations are to o help the world shift into food consumption that is better for you (health wise), has a lighter footprint on the environment and is better for animals. To raise empathetic, driven and caring men that will do the right thing, no matter what others say. To have a strong, long lasting and growing marriage. To have adventures in this world and never stop growing and learning. I saw a video on animal production (slaughterhouses) and immediately became vegetarian – after that it was a quick shift into wanting to align my principals with my everyday work. Stray Dog Capital and I found each other pretty quickly.

Emerging industry trends?:

Plant based is everywhere and ever-growing. The shift into consuming less animal products has been driven by Millennials but followed by other generations (due to health concerns.) It’s great news for the environment, animals – and our business!

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