Michelle Mekky: Mekky Media Founder

Michelle Mekky Highlights

Michelle Mekky Highlights

My Native Admission Statement: I have more than 20 years of experience as a broadcast journalist and PR executive, leading award-winning marketing and PR campaigns for some of the nation’s biggest brands and diverse businesses—from start-ups to global powerhouses. I think that after all these years in the industry, what I’ve learned about myself is that I know how to tell a good story. I can take a company or a person and right away identify what’s newsworthy about them and what will be of interest to the media. That’s a valuable service that I can offer in my business, and it’s an important skill to have for anyone who wants to to excel in the PR world. “Every day is a new day.” I like that I have the opportunity to start over again each morning. Of course there are times that I beat myself up, whether it’s business related or about my self-care, like eating unhealthy food or not sleeping enough. But I try to remember that tomorrow I can put forth my best effort once again. I usually meditate and get myself in the right frame of mind to start over. I’m grateful for every new day.

How did you get into the Industry?

My experience with the industry really it started in high school when my English teacher recommended I try for a position at the school newspaper. I had never tried journalism before and once I got into it I absolutely loved it. I eventually became editor-in-chief and set my sights on studying journalism in college. I ended up going to Northwestern University, because I lived close by, and it had the best journalism school in the country. The school had a television studio, and I had the opportunity to anchor news shows. That experience inspired me to purse a career in broadcast journalism. It was only after working at Fox for 12 years that I started to really think about PR. I had been pitched by so many publicists as a senior producer, and I felt that I had developed a knowledge of what it would take to be good at PR. So I decided to cross to the other side.

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