Morgan Lashley: Vestique Co-founder


My Native Admission Statement: My passion for entrepreneurship began nearly a decade ago when I left my corporate job to start Vestique, a women’s clothing and accessories retailer. Since that day, my partner and I have opened 9 retail locations in the Southeast, with no plans of stopping,and built a multi-million dollar e-commerce operation. I am a people person and an extremely hard worker. I fully believe that if you are in a management position, you should lead by example. My employees all know I am not above cleaning the bathrooms, taking out the trash or doing whatever it takes for the good of the company. In fact, you can still find me working the sales floor in one of my stores most days. Interacting with our customers is hands down my favorite part of the job!

Inspiration for the business idea, and your vision for the Business?:

I began my career in PR, which meant I spent most of my days in my cubicle writing or researching. Every now and then, I would take “creative breaks” and scour the web for the one thing that made me truly happy: clothes! At the time, back in 2010, online boutique shopping was scarce. Of course, the big box stores had e-com sites but smaller, and more importantly affordable, boutiques just didn’t. I reached out to my friend and now business partner and pitched the idea of us starting one. We both loved fashion and spent all of our free time and money buying clothes so it was a natural fit. A main goal of ours was to keep everything we carried affordable, so everyone could look and feel their best without over spending.


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