James H. Carpenter Barnes, Ph.D: Author and Transformational Speaker

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My Native Admission Statement: My passion is teaching people how overcome the words, thoughts and feelings (subconscious habits) which result in a life controlled by our surroundings. Our past experiences often hinder growth and advancement. I believe we have the ability within us to be transformed… to create the events in this life’s experience. I know I’ve lived it. I’m gifted at inspiring people to first believe they deserve to be the best version of themselves. I then teach them how to walk this out on a day by day basis.

My Favorite Products/Objects? I enjoy nice cars. Presently it’s my Navy blue Porsche, which came into my life by visualization.

My Current Passions?

Spending time with my wife Wendy doing anything (movies, plays, concerts, being near the water), and playing my guitars.

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