Eric Yaverbaum: Ericho Communications Founder & CEO, best selling author & national television pundit


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Career Advice? Put on a thick skin. Nobody is going to hold your hand, and nobody is going to be nice to you. Earn it. Every single solitary day.. Keep going. That actually works. And stop taking everything so personally. I take an approach to teambuilding that’s basically this: if I’m not the dumbest one in the room, I’m in the wrong room. I hire people who can elevate me, instead of people I can feel better than. That’s how you learn, and I love how smart my staff is. Every single one of them is smarter than me, and that’s by design. That generates real value; if everyone agrees, nothing happens. But if smart people disagree, the challenge leads to better solutions. I call it intellectual fiction; I want to rub intellects together and see the magic happen. Lastly, don’t shy away from trouble. Run right to the eye of the storm; that’s where you need to be.