Scott Harris: Building Construction Group Founder


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How did you get into the industry? When I was young, I grew up in a financially impoverished family. I recall church members delivering meals to our door, so my sisters and I could stay fed. I realized then that success was my only option, and the alternative was failure. My ‘happy place’ was playing with my only Lego set, and I recall, as a child, noticing how adults were generally unhappy with their jobs. At the time, I thought “What if I can stay a kid and become the top Lego builder in the world?’ Will that become my success story and get me out of here? Doing something I love? I made a promise that day, too never give up on my dream. My dream expanded into becoming an architect, a builder, a designer and a business owner building life-size Lego sets.

Career Advice?
If you’re considering becoming a builder, you have to completely immerse yourself on every level. When you’re sitting in a restaurant, take note of how the light fixtures are hung and question if it could have been done better? When you’re on a construction project, take note of how the teams are organizing the projects, and do you respect it, or can it be improved upon? When you’re in a home, take note of not just what you see, but how do the people engage in the house, what kind of odors do you sense that may be related to poor construction technics, and what does the temperature feel like as you walk from room to room? While most of what you do in the industry will be guided by those around you, a level of sensitivity to your work is what makes the difference between “good” and “great.” Consider a concerto pianist competing against a brilliant computer playing the identical notes. The concerto pianist will win hands down, because of their “sensitivity” to their craft. Immerse your self into your craft, remove “good” from your professional vocabulary and become sensitive to a level beyond your competitor and the rest becomes easy. And, if you’re ready to begin your career and take the journey, please contact us directly and we can help guide you!