Narayan Murthy Ivaturi: FreakOut Global COO, Adtech

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My Native Admission Statement: My life motto is to choose people first and organization next. One of my greatest successes at FreakOut Global was a big programmatic video and native launch across the global markets. Always remember to Be Original, Be Realistic, Be Bold. Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try. I really believe in a leap of faith with people and businesses. I owe a big part of my success to my Wife Asha and my kids – Varsha and Rishi.

Emerging Industry Trends? Mobile advertising has certainly come a long way from the days of small invisible banners, many involuntary clicks, bad user experiences to richer media and highly engaging ad solutions. This has happened due to multiple technologies like better screens, HTML5 and higher internet speeds. There are many more developments occurring in the world of mobile advertising that are going to have long lasting effects on it. Some of the key ones that are definitely going to make an impact are as follows: AR & VR – With better and efficient cameras in phones and higher data speeds, the virtual and augmented experience for users is growing very rapidly today and this ushers in a new wave of content producers to feed AR and VR devices and apps and as a result, more advertising opportunities….

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Adam Ferrier: THINKERBELL Founder & Consumer Psychologist


My Native Admission Statement: I was once described by myself as an ‘enigmatic irritation’. I wear black a lot, I’m disheveled and I cant quite shake a slight slur. I always wanted to be a consumer psychologist, and after getting side tracked into forensic and clinical psychology, that’s what I am. In my marketing life I’ve worked for a brand consultancy, then Saatchi & Saatchi, then co-founded Naked Communications in Australia before co-founding Thinkerbell with some friends.. Here’s five things I’d love you to know Apply to go to space at I like talking about Batman. I used to like talking about what makes people cool, I did my thesis on ‘the underlying constructs of cool people’. But the older and fatter I get the less credible I become on the subject. Thinkerbell is our newish agency and we practice ‘measured magic’, it’s going well. Develop your own catch phrase. Everyone should have a catch phrase (and a sound track).

Biggest Success?:

Being happily married with two kids. Without fail. A close second would be being gainfully employed. I’m forever grateful that my wife loves me, and that I can earn a buck.

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