Barbara Bickham: Trailyn Ventures Founder & CTO


My Native Admission Statement: I Tech, Teach, Mentor. As Foiunder & CTO of Trailyn Ventures, I help put companies onto the Blockchain WifAX & AI companies creating the next gen investors, entrepreneurs and workforce. I like to help people, so sharing my technical ability via Trailyn Ventures is why this was created. My vision is to be able to help as many companies as possible, learn and adopt Blockchain technology. My aspirations are to always be learning; Being the best version of myself. I was just nominated for CTO of the year and making the short list. It was a great experience. Met a lot of wonderful Women who are doing great things throughout the Tech industry. It’s important for us to connect and collaborate.

Any emerging industry trends?

Mass adoption is coming into the industry in several ways. Chat (telegram, WhatsApp), Cell Phones (Samsung and Apple) are enabling payments via crypto currency. Exchanges like Coinbase are using credit cards to empower crypto currency payments. This trend will only grow. Consolidation is an opportunity. Who’s going to start buying what for exits? Who can get a bargain because of a purchase? More large companies will come into the market. This will increase the demand for new skill sets, knowledge, and scaling of the technology and businesses.

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My Native Admission Statement: Being a 7 time surgery champion, Stage 4 cancer survivor, wheel chair champion & loosing 220lbs taught me to understand that I am not unique, special, or possess any super powers.  I am a human who has learned to take things in stride because tomorrow may never come.  I have had the will to survive & not give up just like everyone else.  Fortunately, I have had plenty of experience in that. My grandmother raised me in a beautiful country of Lebanon and she taught me that the world is about the animals & humans.  Go to school to support & do well to support your family and friends. My philosophy is simple.  I am an operator & a survivor by heart who loves to create jobs to support humanity, the planet, Women Entrepreneurs.  So people can live a life of happiness before they leave this earth. 

How do you motivate others?:

I infuse energy in others by helping get the best out of them & showing them the best version of themselves.  I support them 100%.

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