Chris Roebuck: Organizational/ Personal Success Advisor & Hon Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership


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How did you get into the industry? I studied Economics at university so have always used an analytical bottom line based approach to business. Subsequently as an Army officer the challenges of leading soldiers meant I had to really understand how to get the best from people. The combination enabled me to approach issues from both a people and financial perspective. That seemed natural to me but I it became clear that I was in a small minority in the business world, and that most corporate leaders, even senior ones, had less real leadership capability than one of my 20 year old corporals in the Army. I realized that this meant that many teams and organizations were significantly underperforming performing significantly and that this had a negative effect on the organizations performance, profitability and the quality of working life for employees. I decided I wanted to help leaders and organizations be more successful though better leadership and, through this, help as many employees as possible have better bosses and through that a better working life during which they could achieve their true potential.