Michelle Courtney Berry MPS, CISD, RMT: Mindful Living Expert, Author, Keynote Speaker, & Powerful Wellness Coach

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My Native Admission Statement: I help visionaries find the right balance between their work and their life. We used to call this work-life balance, but now we know better. Work and life are integrated, not separate things. In today's fast-paced, ever-changing digital economy, finding a way to work smarter, work less, but earn more, is the top of everyone's list. The only way to truly succeed and keep your brand relevant, is to stay healthy. I help you do just that by deploying some of the best mindfulness and total wellness hacks around. I have more than 20 years in the game and I’ve crawled out of burnout, anxiety, depletion, and overwhelm so I can devote my life to helping you stay accountable to your end goals. In sum, I support you in pressing reset so you can start walking the wellness path of real, authentic work-life integration.

My Favorite People/Role Models?

My favorite person in the world is my daughter Nina. My role models are many but I have to say the top two are: the late Maya Angelou whom I got life-changing advice from backstage right before I was opening for her.  http://ithacalit.com/backstage-with-maya.html#.VuYIvPkrL4Y  and next, I’d have to say personal business development coach and all-around speaking superstar and self-help expert, Coach Lisa Nichols from Motivatingthemasses.com - the first time I heard her speak and was coached by her, it changed the entire way I thought about what I charged and how I scaled my business.

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